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Name Meanings: "Air Voice", "Air Sound" (air + vox: voice, sound (Latin))

     Telecommunications term, "VOX" is short for Voice-Operated eXchange

     Audio/Sound recording term, "VOX" is an abbreviation for voice or vocal tracks.
Brand Reach: International, All Demographics
Evokes/Conveys: Telecom, Human, Life, Breathe, Speak, Open, Communication, Bright, Fresh,

     Pure, Up, Above, Conversation, Exchange, Interpersonal, Connectivity, Resonate/Resonance,

     Sky, Clouds, Breeze, Atmosphere, Lyrical, Chorus, Audio, Airwaves, Broadcast, Vocal, Say,        

     Whisper, Shout, Sing, Song, Audience, Listening, Aerial, Air Travel.
Overall Brandability: Extremely High
Phonetic Brandability: Extremely High
Visual Brandability: Extremely High

Memorable Brand: Extremely High

Brand Relevance: Extremely High

Brand Longevity: Extremely High

Short Brand Name: Extremely High  (two words, six letters, two vowels)
Corporate Identity/Logo Mark Visual: "A" & "V" (Arrows, Up & Down), 

     Symmetric/Mirrored/Inverted : "A" represents "V". 

     Visually stack words "Air" over "Vox" (two three-letter words).

     "Open Mouth" icon (Speaking, Saying, Voice) with "A" positioned over "V".
Advantages: Name Begins with "A", First Letter in The English Alphabet (Universal Business Language).
Negative Connotations: None